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Three Generations Family Photoshoot | underwater photos for Gold Coast mermaids

A bonding and fun “girls day out” experience in Noosa

Here’s a multi-generation family photoshoot with a real difference: underwater portrait photography. It’s a totally fun and unique “girls day out” experience: getting pampered by a professional makeup artist, access to a vast wardrobe of dreamy dresses, endless playtime in a private heated pool, doing something none of you have ever tried before… and a memorable bonding experience like no other.

When my lovely Gold Coast client Mel asked about doing a three-generations family photoshoot I was all over the idea… yes, yes, yes!

On photoshoot day I hosted Mel, her teenage daughter Samara, and Mel’s mum Rita — three natural mermaids who were full of fun and game to try anything. We got some portraits of the three ladies together, as well as various pairings and solo shots.

Looking at the behind-the-scenes video it’s clear that the day was full of laughter. And what I noticed is how the above-water video seems like a hot mess of wet clothing, wild hair, uncontrollable giggles and water-up-the-nose moments… but as soon as we go underwater it’s straight into “ethereal dreamland”. I live for this mix of contrasting moments.

And while the day was jam-packed with joy, the finished portraits are the gorgeous memories… they are forever reminders of the bonding moments shared.

This is the kind of experience that you need in your life, even if you don’t realise it yet 😉



Mel and Rita

Thank you Liz, we just received our beautiful prints. What a wonderful bonding experience we had, myself, my daughter and granddaughter—three generations.

Thank you for your patience, you made the day so relaxing and so much fun, we certainly giggled a lot. I think we look pretty stunning if I do say so myself, and it certainly is a different spin on family portraits. Absolutely beautiful 😍

―Rita Shawcross


I first discovered Liz’s unique images on a friend’s social media after she posted her own photoshoot with Liz. I instantly fell in love with the originality and beauty of every shoot that was on Liz’s Instagram account and I soon became a follower on her page.

Her passion for what she does is seen and felt by those lucky enough to have the experience with her. Spending the day with Liz and creating these everlasting memories was truly priceless and I would recommend it to anyone who’s considering taking the plunge.

Liz’s attention to detail before and after the shoot is what sets her apart from any photographer I’ve ever worked with before. The hours that go into the pre- and post- shoot are unseen and are many. As a result, we received magnificent images that we will proudly display on our walls for years to come.

Thank you so much Liz, I can’t praise you enough.

―Mel White

Mel & Samara

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