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The Top 3 Excuses For Not Booking An Underwater Photoshoot

And why you should do it anyway

dark haired woman in beautiful green patterened dress floating underwater

Let me ask you something: when was the last time you did something just for you?

Every woman deserves to feel like a goddess. And if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a creative, adventurous woman seeking something extraordinary to help you reconnect with your inner goddess.

I’m guessing you’re also a woman who gives generously and unreservedly to others. Yet when it comes to investing in yourself, you’re so good at finding excuses not to. Am I right?

So you’ve been thinking about treating yourself to a professional underwater portrait photo session. But the negative self-talk won’t let up.

I’m not attractive enough.
It’s too much money to spend on myself.
I don’t have time right now.

But rest assured, for every excuse saying you shouldn’t is an even better reason why you should. It’s time to embrace your fears, whatever they may be. Use them to fuel your commitment to honour the goddess you are.

And there’s no time like the present.

60+ beautiful blonde woman underwater wearing a voluminous pink gown

1. But I’m too… (old, fat, awkward, shy…). Nobody wants to see that.

If I had a penny for every time a beautiful, intelligent woman said one of these things to me, I could retire a lady of leisure. Whatever your I’m too.. is, it’s also your why—the very reason you should.

As a woman, I get it. I’ve had similar hang-ups throughout my life. It’s normal to feel scared, insecure, or intimidated. Just don’t let it paralyse you.

In my decades as a professional photographer, I’ve worked with women from all walks of life. Guess what we all have in common? Regardless of age, appearance, marital status or occupation, we all have insecurities.

I’ve seen the 30-something woman who struggled with her changing pregnant body. I’ve seen the busy mum who shuddered at the sight of her tired eyes and stretch marks. I’ve seen the 50-year-old career woman who resented her graying hair and wrinkles. Whatever you struggle with, you’re not alone.

But to conquer any fear, you need to confront it. That’s what each of these brave women did. They felt the fear but did it anyway and were liberated and empowered as a result.

Whether you’re hung up on your post-baby pouch or fine lines, you’ll leave my studio with a newfound appreciation of your body and yourself.

Imagine being a star for a day. You’ll be pampered, draped in luxurious fabrics, expertly posed and photographed. The ethereal underwater studio setting makes for an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. By highlighting and capturing your most flattering angles and features, you’ll transform into a masterpiece.

So maybe you’re not the flawless 20-year-old you once were. But who you are today is just as worthy of being photographed. You’re a woman who has lived, loved and created. What could be more beautiful than that?

You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.

―Sofia Bush

woman wearing a dress gliding gracefully underwater

2. Who am I to spend that kind of money on myself?

Who are you not to? You work hard and give generously to others. Don’t you deserve to be generous with yourself for once, too?

It’s true, a great portrait session isn’t cheap. But, as in life, so too in the arts, you get what you pay for. And you deserve the best. As a personally commissioned piece of art, professional portraits are a unique and invaluable investment.

Think about how much you’ve spent on expensive items and gimmicks that have no real value. The latest laptop, television, or designer handbag may give you a rush at first. But, with time, they become yet another thing that needs upgrading or replacing.

The things we value most are the ones we never resent having spent money on. They’re irreplaceable. And their personal value only increases with time. An underwater portrait session is a bucket-list experience you’ll never regret buying.

The best part? You’ll walk away with a treasured memory and a priceless piece of art (one that you’ll never need to replace or upgrade).

What would you say to a friend who wanted to do something life-changing that would empower and remind her of the goddess she is?

You’d tell her to go for it because she’s worth it, right?

Well, my friend, so are you.

Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.

―Aldo Gucci

woman in white bikini underwater floating up to the surface, with sunbeams and reflections

3. I’ll do it one day. I’m not quite ready yet…

I just need to shed that last 5kg…
I need to wrap up this work project first…
As soon as Christmas is over…

Sound familiar? If so, time or readiness is your biggest excuse.

You may or may not lose that last 5kg, but then you’ll want to lose another 1 or 2. The work project will end, then your boss will assign you another. Christmas will come and go, then Easter will creep up on you, and so it’ll go until it’s Christmas again.

Here’s the hard truth: a professional photoshoot will push you out of your comfort zone, and you might never be 100% ready. There, I said it. But once you’ve done it, you’ll never look back. Because magic happens outside the comfort zone. Remember, if something doesn’t stretch you, it won’t change you, either.

One of the great things about this experience is you’ll leave a changed version of yourself—in the best way. You’ll also have a lifelong reminder of the sensual, brave siren who can stare any challenge in the face and beat it.

Bet you’re thinking, it’s not that easy, I can’t just flick a switch and stop my thoughts.

True. This blog won’t activate a magic switch that makes you love your stretch marks and cellulite. But it is as easy as deciding to do it anyway. Instead of overthinking and making excuses about why you can’t (or shouldn’t), make the decision to do it. For you.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable, and we shouldn’t take anything for granted. It’s been a harsh lesson but one that’s brought home how important it is to prioritise self-care. While tomorrow may come, it could be a tomorrow you don’t expect—or want. And that’s why today is the perfect time to do the things you’ve been putting off for someday.

And remember, it’s not selfish—it’s self-love. With my understanding and expert guidance, I can help you see yourself in a new light. You’ll walk out a confident new woman. And with timeless works of art that immortalise the goddess in already wonderful you.

Your time for WOW is now.

“There isn’t a someday. There never was. No one has ever been to the future that you keep putting your life on hold for. All we ever have is now.

―Geneen Roth


I’m located in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, but clients come to me from all over the country for a truly special underwater photoshoot experience they won’t find anywhere else.


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