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Underwater Studio

Underwater maternity portrait of a pregnant lady in a large swimming pool, wearing flowing white skirt and draping a long white chiffon scarf

Step into my purpose-built, private underwater photo studio in beautiful Noosa, Queensland.

Have you ever smiled underwater, ever danced underwater? Ever struck a pose while swimming? (And laughed while doing it?) In my private underwater studio, we’ll create a moment of fun, inspiration and beauty.

the size

It’s big. At 11m x 4.5m, there is plenty of space to throw yards of fabric around and move your body into glorious shapes.


The pool has three flat levels: 0.4m, 1.2m, 2.4m. This offers endless creative freedom. It also means you always have the option to safely stand on the bottom.

the backdrop

The concrete shell is a pale, neutral colour. (A dark blue pool would throw strange colour casts onto your skin… nobody wants that.)

And, there are no distracting mosaics or tiles to mess up the background or clash with your outfit.

water clarity

I use a special super-fine filter media, which makes for gin-clear water clarity. Clearer water = sharper images.

the light

As you’d expect from any outdoor portrait photography setting, the pool is perfectly oriented to the sun. You enjoy the most flattering light.


The pool is surrounded by high fences and trees. You have complete privacy.


The water is heated, because blue lips and goosebumps never looked good on anyone.

And, the water pH level is finely tuned so your eyes won’t sting when you open them underwater.

solar powered

It’s more important than ever to support our environment, so you’ll be happy to know that the pool runs entirely on renewable energy.

Elopement portrait of a woman in a dress gliding underwater in a pool, with light reflections and soft tones, photographed in Noosa, Sunshine Coast

Water creates an ambience more enchanting than any studio backdrop can do. Come over and play mermaid for a day.

Underwater portrait of a beautiful bride in white gown sinking back down through the water, arms outstretched, black background, trash the dress shoot

Liz is an amazing photographer! I loved every photo I got from the shoot. Also loved that the pool was heated and how great and quick she was at taking the right photo before I needed to come up for a breath. All round great service from beginning to end.

―Jessica Taylor

Ready to take the plunge?

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