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ethereal, gravity-defying, surreal

Underwater Portraits

Sunshine Coast Photographer

For women & those they love

What if you said yes to something crazy? Yes to something beautiful?

What if you said yes to something you have never done before, to create something you have never seen before?

It’s time for a new adventure

Liz Harlin Photographic is a full-service underwater photography portrait studio

Bespoke, unforgettable experiences where art and portraiture meet.

Liz Harlin APP M.Photog
Sunshine Coast photographer

A multi-award winning, internationally-published professional photographer with 17 years of underwater experience.

“I’m here to create a portrait of you unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Water is my backdrop of choice.”

Liz Harlin underwater photographer, Noosa, Queensland

Portraits Without A Shelf Life

you are a work of art

I had such a unique and enjoyable experience with Liz Harlin! Her kind and considerate nature made me at ease in front of the camera. She treated me like a goddess in and out of the water, I can’t wait to hang my piece of art in my family home.

―Gemma Townsend

Woman ballet dancing underwater in a swimming pool, with chunky jewellery and boho gypsy dress; Sunshine Coast, Australia

Let’s take traditional portraiture and turn it on its head.

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