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Why Underwater Portraits?

Traditional Portrait Photography -VS- Underwater Portraiture

Water transforms photography.

Traditionally, portrait photography focuses on a standard set of poses and backdrops. It’s a formula we all know and for the most part, feel safe with. We know what to expect and we know what we’ll get.

You will be happy… but not in a “take my breath away” kind of way.

Underwater portraiture is not about capturing; it is about creating.

The effect of bringing the element of water into a photoshoot is like casting a spell. The subtlest of movements create the most elegant effects. The dress or the hair, float, suspended in weightlessness.

The body can pose in ways it would never be able to above the surface. Whatever ideas you have about your imperfections or flaws are irrelevant here. Elegance comes easily; that is the beauty of water.

This is why underwater photography is so compelling compared to traditional photography.

It’s you, but you in another world, seen in another way.

It may feel strange, at first, to step out of your comfort zone. To get in the water, wearing clothes and to pose for the camera in a new way.

But like anything in life, it takes a leap of faith to reap rich rewards.

I cannot rave enough about the luxurious experience Liz offers. Amazing, loved every minute. Everyone needs to gift this to themselves! These images really are pieces of art. Thank you so much Liz xx”

―Jaimielle Jacobs



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