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triptych of a ballet dancer dancing underwater, wearing a white tutu, black background, lots of bubbles

As a guideline, the average investment starts at around $1800, and goes up from there. See my Products & Price Guide to get an overview.

My purpose-built private underwater studio is near the Noosa River in Queensland (Australia). My clients come here from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and even from interstate. Noosa is a world famous seaside/beach resort, and well-worth the journey.

Only a few seconds at a time, with plenty of rest in between.

I coach you with breathing techniques, and work with you at your own pace. The aim is to have you as relaxed as possible, and to have fun along the waythis is how your portraits end up looking so effortless.

What often happens, as you become more comfortable during your photoshoot, is that you’ll be able to stay underwater for longer and longer… you’ll probably surprise yourself!

Let me show you that you are. I’ll make sure your light shines in front of the camera. I know how to highlight and capture your most flattering angles and features. And I see the beauty in you that you don’t yet see yourself. So don’t worry about looking perfect, let me take care of that.

The photoshoots are on weekdays, usually in the mornings. I can sometimes do shoots on Sundays by special arrangement.

As long as needed, but generally you’ll be with me for half a day or so. I limit my schedule to one photoshoot per day, and I don’t set any fixed session duration. Why? So you get the attention you deserve, and you never feel rushed. We all have nerves in front of the camera, that’s natural. And none of my new clients have ever done an underwater shoot before. Feeling comfortable and confident while becoming familiar with the underwater process might come quickly to you… or it might take a bit of time. I give you that time, and the results are worth it.

I sure do! You’ll have unlimited access to my studio’s vast wardrobe of ladies dresses, skirts, wraps… in endless colours to mix and match. All the fabrics were chosen for the dreamy way they move underwater.

Yes, I photograph nudes, implied nudes, and boudoir/lingerie. The studio team is all female.

It’s a friendly all-female team: photographer, makeup artist and pool assistant. We understand women because we are women. You’ll feel safe and comfortable.

Hell yeah! I’m a shameless sissy when it comes to cold water… and I suspect you might be, too ;-)

Most definitely. As a professional photographer, I am fully insured.

If this photoshoot is to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or pregnancy, please get in touch well in advance so that there’s a better chance I book you in for your preferred date. In any case, you should schedule your shoot no later than 10 weeks prior to needing your final artwork in hand. Note that my calendar fills quickly, and I’m usually booked out 2 months in advance.

It starts with a phone chat so I can get to know you a little bit and learn what outcomes you have in mind. I’ll also answer any questions you may have for me, and I can talk you through my process. Ultimately, the chat is to find out whether we are the perfect fit for each other. If you’re happy with everything, then we’ll choose a shoot date and start planning your tailor-made underwater experience.

My daughter, granddaughter and I had the privilege of an underwater photoshoot and it was amazing. Liz is so lovely and patient, it was a wonderful experience, we had so much fun and so many laughs. It was also a great bonding experience. Thank you Liz :-)

―Rita Shawcross


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