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the Underwater Portrait Experience

Become the artist’s muse for a day

What does it take to create an image so captivating, so surreal your heart skips a beat every time you see it?

What does it take to mix art, adventure and creativity into one photoshoot?

It takes an adventurous soul, a creative heart and a willingness to take the plunge.


Concept Design

It all starts with an in-depth consult to explore looks, colours, themes and story-telling. You’ll also get detailed advice on how to prepare for your shoot.

Sumptuous Wardrobe

Unlimited access to a vast wardrobe of ladies dresses, skirts and fabrics to swirl, pose and float in. Transform yourself from everyday into mermaid goddess.

Waterproof Makeup

Enhance your natural beauty and get camera-ready with on-site waterproof makeup artistry by an accomplished local professional makeup artist.

Heated Pool

Large, fully private, multi-levelled and crystal clear. No goosebumps, no blue lips, no burning eyeballs. Plenty of fluffy towels on stand-by.

Master Photographer

Liz is an accredited Master Photographer with 21 years of professional underwater photography experience. You are in the most capable hands.

Pool Assistant

Rest assured knowing you have the additional support of an experienced pool photoshoot assistant (she is also an expert fabric wrangler).

Expert Guidance

Fully guided stress-free photoshoot, including coaching on breathing techniques and posing so that you look relaxed, natural and at your very best.

Spa Feels

Enjoy access to a luxurious bathroom and private dressing room to prep before the shoot and take some time out to relax after the shoot.

Ordering Appointment

A week after the shoot, come back to see your images and choose the ones you’d love to purchase. Products and price guide here.

Colourful artistic underwater portrait of a woman twirling and twisting underwater, wearing an orange bodysuit, and surrounded by purple floating chiffon fabric; black background; reflections; photographed in Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

To mark an important moment in your life, or to simply celebrate you, an underwater photography session is a break from the everyday. A way to get creative, strike a pose, and have some fun.

Highly recommended! All the service staff (photographer, assistant and makeup artist) are professional, friendly and supportive. Enjoyable time under the water and lots of garments to choose from.

―Qibai Wang

underwater portrait in a framed canvas on the wall in a stylish bedroom

I invite you to experience an unforgettable underwater photoshoot with me, and I will create stunning portraits that show you in a way you’ve never seen yourself before.



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