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6 Reasons Why An Underwater Photoshoot is The Ultimate in Self-Love & Female Empowerment Photography

Treating yourself to a self-love photography experience is empowering.

You get the opportunity to release your inhibitions and unleash your inner enchantress.

You’ll see yourself and your beauty from a different perspective. You’ll grow your confidence and self-esteem.

When you introduce water, the impacts are intensified and the results amplified.

woman in white floaty gown, sinking underwater, black background, long hair, dreamlike

Every woman’s purpose for wanting self-love photography is different.

Maybe you’re capturing, celebrating or closing the curtain on a time in your life. Maybe you’re indulging because you deserve it.

Whatever your motivation, it’s important to consider the different types of photography available and to choose the one that works for you.

To help, here are six reasons why I believe underwater portraiture is the ultimate choice in contemporary self-love photography.

1. You + water = gymnastic goddess

woman wearing pink and purple, hula hoop somersault dancing underwater

You started your life surrounded by water, so your body feels at home and intuitively knows what to do.

Water also creates a spectacular feeling of weightlessness, allowing you to do things you simply cannot do on land.

Your body responds to this feeling by moving in ways that facilitate grace and breathtaking beauty. On a sofa or bed, you may find it difficult to arch your back with poise and elegance. But in water? Suddenly you’re a gymnastic goddess and the camera is capturing your ethereal beauty in all its glory.

It doesn’t matter that you’ve had zero experience posing, dancing or doing actual gymnastics. None of these are prerequisites for a spectacular result with underwater portraits.

Why? Because it’s my job to make sure you’re thoroughly briefed and to give you coaching and direction throughout the day. I want you to relax and enjoy the experience. I want you to know you deserve this. And to feel like you’re the most beautiful woman in the world, because you are.

And guess what happens when you feel beautiful? You’re rewarded with breathtaking images.

2. Your portrait becomes a showpiece

Underwater Boudoir Portrait Wall Art in Stylish Home

Underwater portraiture stretches beyond self-love photography. Your finished piece will be the most incredible artwork you’ll ever own.

I want you to think beyond displaying your portrait only on your bedroom wall. When you make the very personal decision to book an underwater photoshoot, you work hard to overcome insecurities and to recognise that you deserve to reward yourself.

You look past your perceived imperfections and make the conscious decision to embrace every curve, line or stretch mark, knowing that confidence looks beautiful on every woman. And on shoot day you let go of inhibitions, giving your heart and soul to the experience.

All of your hard work culminates in beautiful artwork that deserves to be showcased in a hero location in your home: perhaps inside your front door, or on the main wall of your living room, or centrally on your staircase. Ultimately, you’ll want it in a standout location where you can enjoy it the most often.

Because you deserve to be reminded how beautiful you are, and to reflect daily on the transformative experience you had creating your artwork.

3. Underwater portraits have no shelf life

asian woman underwater touching her reflection

The sophisticated nature of underwater portraiture means your art becomes a treasured family possession. One that can be passed down through generations.

Conventional boudoir portraits, by contrast, have a short shelf life. They’re not likely to be the kinds of images that grace the walls of your family home, or your kids’ or future kids’ home.

Not that I’m suggesting boudoir photography doesn’t have its place (every revenge body loves a lingerie shoot). A boudoir experience makes you feel like a glamorous supermodel and your partner will undeniably be blown away.

But when you invest the time, money and all of you into a personal photoshoot, wouldn’t you like to think the photos will last more than a few years?

The good news is you can incorporate the sensual side of boudoir photography into your underwater shoot. I’ve photographed many clients semi-nude, with sublime results. The simple addition of a luxurious and floaty wrap, combined with the serenity of being underwater transforms your look. It’s like a magical spell has been cast, instantly making you effortlessly alluring and captivating.

And that, my friend, is timeless.

4. Water is nature’s Photoshop

underwater nude boudoir photographer sunshine coast queensland Liz Harlin

I know you’re beautiful as you are. But I’ve also worked with enough women to know you want every angle, every pose, every shot to show you looking your absolute best.

Water is like a magic wand for perfectly showcasing every inch of your body.

The light, the movement, the texture, the weightlessness. The absence of gravity makes everything “lifted”. These elements all work together to make you look like you were born to be an underwater photographer’s muse.

5. It’s also your posing BFF

woman sinking underwater wearing a mini dress

Nearly everyone is nervous and worried they won’t know “what to do” on shoot day. The good news is they also tell me how relaxed and at ease they feel once we’re underway.

They realise how comfortable being surrounded by water is, and how effortlessly they can move their body into poses.

Sure, posing can sometimes be awkward at first, and we’ll share a few laughs. But with my clear guidance and direction, the end result looks effortless. Many clients are so enamoured with the results, they can’t believe the finished artwork is really them!

6. You’ll be a trailblazer

No one signs up to a self-love photoshoot feeling prepared to be complacent with the results. You want (and deserve) to feel like a star when you unbox your artwork. After you’ve squealed a little with delight, you hang them, call your best friend and casually invite her over for coffee.

And then wait for the reaction… “Oh wow, is that really YOU?” and “How did you do THAT with your body?!” and “It’s so dreamy, I bet you can’t stop looking at it”.

Now, while traditional self-love photography will spark reactions of admiration from your friends, they’ve seen it before. Maybe not with you as the subject, but ultimately, it’s nothing new.

With underwater portraiture, you’ve got a showstopping piece that goes beyond admiration for your beauty. Your artwork will inspire genuine appreciation for your confidence, your strength, and your commitment to truly living your life.

Take a chance. Because you never know how absolutely perfect something could turn out to be.

With so many benefits that truly reward you and your efforts, underwater portraiture is the ultimate way to immortalise you and your beauty. I promise you’ll be mesmerised by the transformation underwater photography creates.

Want to see yourself as you never have before? Your underwater self-love portrait experience is waiting for you at my pool studio in Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Not located nearby? That’s ok, remarkable women like you have travelled from all over the country to create their timeless masterpiece with me.

Let’s chat about how we can make it happen for you.


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