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My Signature Edit: The Art of Underwater Family Photography in Noosa

Three Sisters, Three Moments, One Vision

Behind-the-Scenes of my Signature Edit—Blending Individual Underwater Portraits into a Panoramic Masterpiece

As an underwater family photographer in Noosa, this is what my Signature Edit is all about: combining three individual underwater portraits into a singular panoramic image against a black backdrop. This unique approach could feature three different poses of the same person, or as seen here, portraits of three different people—sisters who are passionate ocean swimmers.

But it’s not just about lining up any three underwater family photos. It’s a craft, ensuring each image from our Noosa photo session complements the others. The lighting must be consistent across each shot to ensure a seamless blend, a hallmark of the best portrait photography. The body positions are selected not just for their beauty but for how well they flow together. And there needs to be a common thread that weaves all three images together—in this case, the matching swimsuits. The goal? An artwork that is as much a harmony of separate moments as it is about a collective story.

But here’s the thing—underwater portraiture? It’s full of surprises. The water, it’s like another character in the shoot, adding its own unpredictable twist to every pose. It’s this mix of our careful planning and the water’s whimsy that makes every one of my Noosa photoshoots uniquely magical.

Picture this: three sisters swimming past my camera, again and again, each time there’s a slightly different pose. Then comes the fun part: each sister picks her favourite image, and I get to play puzzle master, putting it all together into one meaningful artwork.

This art we create together? It isn’t just about snapping pictures; it’s an immersive adventure where precision and heart meet the serendipity of water. It’s meticulously crafted, deeply personal, and harmoniously designed—embodying the essence of unique family photography. And, it’s always an undeniably fun and unforgettable experience.


The Finished Artwork
P.S. Here are some other examples of my Signature Edit:

triptych of a ballet dancer dancing underwater, wearing a white tutu, black background, lots of bubbles

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