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Creative Maternity Photoshoot: Belly & Bubbles Underwater

Pregnant belly underwater with bubbles on skin and floating flower petals and red fabric and henna tattoo on hand

Bubbles and rose petals and red fabric, oh my!

For this underwater maternity photoshoot, I stirred up the water to create zillions of tiny bubbles. The plan was that some of them would cling onto this beautiful belly—to add interest and context to the watery backdrop.

My water safety assistant sprinkled silk rose petals into the water, to add the finishing touch.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video clip showing the process:

I’m loving the watery reflections, the flowing skirt, the tiny bubbles, the floating flower petals, and the colour palette (this mama adores the colour red) ❤️


Got something you’re itching to ask me about underwater pregnancy portraits, or about anything else? Let me know!

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