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Embracing Your Inner Goddess: A Noosa Underwater Self-Love Photoshoot Experience

Celebrating the Transformative Journey of Empowerment Through Water and Art

As an underwater photographer, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the transformative power of beautiful portrait photography for women. These empowerment sessions, focused on self-love and self-expression, have a unique ability to capture the beauty, strength and vulnerability that reside within every woman.

While most of my clients travel to my pool studio from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne, this photoshoot experience was for a Noosa local. In this blog, we’ll hear directly from one remarkable client who embraced the magic that happens when a woman finds and celebrates her inner goddess.

Here are my client’s words…


Water holds a very special place in my heart, especially the ocean. I LOVE swimming, diving, and just being underwater—it’s where I feel at home. So, when I saw the In Noosa magazine cover featuring Liz Harlin’s underwater photos, I knew I wanted to experience a photoshoot with her. Liz seems to capture that magic of being underwater, and that pulled me right in.

Choosing the right photographer was crucial to me, and Liz’s work speaks for itself. I do not know anyone else making magnificent portraits like she does!

As my photoshoot day approached, I was so super excited! I couldn’t help but wonder about the type of photos I’d like from Liz, given the countless great examples I’d seen. And, I’ll admit, I was also a bit nervous about how I would look underwater and how long I’d have to hold my breath. Turns out, each immersion is so quick and totally manageable!

The day of the photoshoot was nothing short of amazing. The dresses! OMG that wardrobe goes on forever—I wanted to try them all on. The makeup artist worked magic, I felt like a princess. The pool was as warm as a bath. And the setting with all the trees and birds was just gorgeous. Liz’s patience and relaxed nature with me was comforting and generous 💗🙏

When I look back at what we accomplished that day, it’s truly unbelievable. We managed to fit in so many outfits and looks, it made choosing the final portraits very difficult!

I had hoped for “moving” underwater portraits, ones where I’d look like I was swimming, diving, drifting and floating. And let me tell you, the experience and the photos absolutely exceeded all my expectations! I think I was moved to tears a bit when Liz played the slideshow at my ordering appointment.

My large wall art initially found its place in our front room, but it had to be moved to my office. It seems it was a bit too much for my teenagers to handle, you know how they can be! 🤣💗

Looking at these underwater portraits fills me with such emotion. I love them all. It’s still hard to believe that’s me in those photos! It feels surreal looking at them, like some sort of dream.

So, if any of you are considering an underwater photoshoot, my advice is simple: DO IT! You only live once, right? It’s not just about capturing a moment, it’s about creating an amazing keepsake of a miraculous part of this thing called life. I’ve encouraged all my girlfriends to do an underwater photoshoot with Liz. It’s a unique and incredible way to capture this moment in time, something we won’t experience again.

To the underwater photographer behind all this: Liz, you are amazing and have a fantastic talent!


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