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Maternity Photographer, Noosa: Kylie’s Underwater Photoshoot

pregnant woman laying on her side underwater in a pool, wearing a white top and a white skirt

Q&A about a Noosa maternity photography session underwater

Yesterday I caught up with one of my maternity photography clients, Kylie. She introduced me to her gorgeous new baby Daisy, and we had a stroll along the Noosa River, reminiscing about her underwater maternity photoshoot… the fun, the challenges, the beautiful results. To all my future maternity photography clients, this blog is for you.

But first, here’s a little behind-the-scenes video of how some of the magic happened:

And, now, here’s some of my Q&A chat with Kylie…

You had your maternity photoshoot relatively early in your pregnancy, right?

“Yes, I had my shoot at only 25 weeks, because my belly was already big and round… probably because this was my third pregnancy, I’d previously had twin girls and a boy.”

pregnant woman underwater wearing a gold dress and with long blonde hair

How did you feel during your underwater photoshoot?

“It was an all round beautiful experience. I was already a mum of three at the time, and as mums we don’t get the opportunity to really shine and be pampered and be made to feel beautiful and to have the spotlight on us. This photoshoot was an opportunity to do that, to do something special for myself.

“I don’t remember anything being overly difficult. Except maybe that one shot we did in the deep end with the long white fabric, I did push myself a bit for that one haha… but totally worth it for the effect it created!

“You looked after me so well, you’re amazing at what you do. I knew I was in very good hands as you coached me through the shoot wonderfully. I felt nurtured and safe.”

Underwater maternity portrait of a pregnant lady in a large swimming pool, wearing flowing white skirt and draping a long white chiffon scarf.

How are underwater maternity photos different from all other types of maternity photos?

“I’m a surfer and a diver and such a water person, so an underwater maternity shoot was very appealing to me. While a normal maternity shoot is beautiful, for me there’s something about being in the water that connects me to life… it’s hard to explain… there’s a stillness, a tranquility, a feeling of being at ease and at peace with myself. For me, being underwater is pure bliss.”

What would you say to other women in Noosa who are considering underwater maternity photography?

“Do it! You’re going to have the photos forever, and the experience will be a really beautiful memory to look back on—for you and your baby. Underwater photography captures the beautiful side of pregnancy and motherhood.”

Now that some time has passed since your maternity photoshoot, how have you distilled the memory of it?

For me the photoshoot captured a perfect moment in time of me with my baby in complete stillness present to the beauty and wonders of pregnancy, motherhood and the divinity of life itself!

Pair of artworks of pregnant woman underwater, displayed over a bed with white bedding

How do you feel when you look at your maternity photos?

“They’re a beautiful reminder of my final pregnancy. While there’s a lot about pregnancy that is hard, these photos bring back all the beautiful feelings I had while pregnant with Daisy. These photos are something I’ll treasure forever, something I can’t wait to share with Daisy when she’s older, and something that celebrates what a woman’s body can do.”

Kylie and Daisy (now 2.5yrs) collecting a new print from their photoshoot

Interested in knowing more about the ultimate underwater maternity photoshoot experience in Noosa? All the details are here.


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