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Looking For a Unique Maternity Photography Experience on the Sunshine Coast?

Pregnancy portrait underwater, maternity, woman floating on her back, wearing white flowing dress

A once-In-A-Lifetime photoshoot experience for the art lover with an adventurous soul

Pregnancy is a beautiful time and every woman deserves to have hers captured and showcased in an artistic, timeless way.

It is also the single most magical and memorable time in a woman’s life.

It’s why I love underwater shoots for immortalising pregnancy. Underwater maternity photography is an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience that captures everything beautiful about being pregnant.

pregnant woman underwater wearing a gold dress and with long blonde hair

Once you become a new mum, elbow deep in wipes and microwaving your cold coffee for the seventeenth time, the magical sensation of being pregnant may feel like a distant memory.

In the sleep-deprived madness of life with a newborn, it’s easy to forget those moments where it felt like there was no one in the world except you and the baby forming inside you. Moments where you wrapped your hands around your belly, seeking connection with the tiny human inside.

So when you make the effort to document your pregnancy, you want photos that transport you back in time emotionally. You want to fall in love with being pregnant all over again, and to remember how magical it was.

pregnant woman with long blonde hair wearing a flowing red gown underwater

The ability to capture emotion is crucial to that feeling of being transported back. Your emotions transcend the lens and anyone looking at your photos can almost feel the love, anticipation and joy exploding from your heart.

As will you, every time you look at your beautiful maternity photos. Every glimpse will trigger a different memory. Sometimes you might recall how smooth your round belly felt, as you trailed your fingertips over it, imagining what your baby will be like. Other times, you’ll smile, as you remember placing your partner’s hands on your belly to share the feeling of somersaults and kicks.

You’re celebrating this remarkable stage in your life and you want beautiful, unique artwork that you can share with your future child.

Pregnancy portrait underwater in a swimming pool, soft warm pale tones, white floaty fabric draped over body, arms outstretched, photographed in Queensland's Sunshine Coast

The shoot is designed to make you not just look, but feel beautiful

No matter how tired you feel or how bloated you think you look, everything about your pregnant body is magnificent. I believe there is little else more magical on this earth than the creation of human life. And right now, you are carrying that magic inside you.

My entire photoshoot experience is thoughtfully planned out to make you look and feel beautiful.

The best maternity photos are achieved when the photographer knows how to make you feel completely comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to pose – most of my clients don’t at the start of the day!

During our shoot, I’m here to guide you in a kind, caring and personalised way so that you get the best result for you. I don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach and you don’t have to conform to a standard way of doing things. It’s my job to get to know you, your insecurities, and what lights you up.

When combined with clear direction from me on how to shape and contour your body into the most flattering angles, you’ll gain confidence and truly enjoy the experience. And when you’re experiencing joy, you’ll truly feel all the emotions of being pregnant, and you’ll shine.

Pregnant belly underwater with bubbles on skin and floating flower petals and red fabric and henna tattoo on hand

Studio experience, natural results

On the day of your shoot you deserve to arrive with complete confidence that you’ll look your best in your portraits. That’s why we have a thorough consultation ahead of shoot day where we’ll design your session based on how you dream of being photographed.

I can give you a peek inside my extensive wardrobe of floaty dresses and wraps, and you can imagine what you might want to wear. Your clothing choice not only influences the end result, but also how you feel on the day.

And because I truly want you to feel like a goddess, my session fee includes a professional makeup artist.

Her job is to understand the result you’re after, and to highlight your best features to allow your natural beauty to shine.

Professional makeup will not only make you feel glamorous (and consequently more at ease), but it will also make your final images the natural work of art you deserve.

makeup application and wardrobe styling

A thoughtfully customised experience to prevent exhaustion

I know pregnancy is tiring, and the mere idea of being rushed through a shoot probably makes you feel like curling up on the couch for a quick nap.

It’s why everything I do is based on not rushing you. When you work with me, your shoot will be the only one I do that day.

There’s no time limit and no clock-watching, which means we go at your pace, not mine. The removal of a time pressure means you truly can feel relaxed. It means your shoot gets the best of you.

Plus, your body will be treated to the relaxing weightlessness of being in a low-gravity environment. That tension you get in your feet, your back and your shoulders after hours standing, and even sitting? That’s something you can put on hold while you’re immersed in water.

Your relaxed state will translate to a relaxed, beautiful you and result in stunning images.

Pair of artworks of pregnant woman underwater, displayed over a bed with white bedding

A team of caring women all invested in your experience

I know that being pregnant can leave you short of breath some days. So you might be wondering how you can possibly hold your breath long enough to create beautiful images?

The good news is you only need to hold your breath for a few seconds at a time, with lots of rest in between. I’ll coach you on breathing techniques that will conserve your energy and keep you looking serene in your photos.

If you look at my portfolio of images, you’ll see that every woman looks relaxed and at ease, and not at all like she’s struggling for air. With my guidance, you will too.

I’m also hyper-focused on safety and have an assistant who is a trained lifesaver. Plus my pool’s shallow end is only 1.2m deep, and the majority of my portfolio is in the shallow end. We can even do photos where you don’t have to put your whole head underwater.

Everyone at the studio is a woman, and we’re all here with one goal: to give you an unforgettable experience that results in timeless works of art.

Pregnancy portrait underwater, maternity, lady lying in a swimming pool

Immortalising the unbreakable mother-child bond

Imagine one day, telling your child about the unbreakable bond that was created while they were in your belly.

And how that time was so special, you wanted to capture it in a way that is as unique as the bond you share with your child.

Imagine their bright, inquisitive eyes as you point at your beautiful portraits, and retell the story of having a professional photographer take your photos while you held your breath underwater. And in the way only a child can, they’ll notice the small details and create their own story.

They’ll notice the dappled light and dark shadows, and ask if you were worried about sharks. They’ll see the tiny sparkling bubbles and ask if someone dropped diamonds in the water. And you’ll smile, as you remember thinking about this moment during your shoot. You remember wondering what curious questions your child would have.

The shoot itself is a once-in-a-lifetime experience

When you invest your time, money and precious pregnant energy into a maternity shoot, you deserve to have an unforgettable time.

I have completely customised every moment and every detail of my underwater photoshoots so the entire experience is something to tell your future child about.

You sacrifice so much as a mum. Indulging in a once-in-a-lifetime experience like an underwater maternity photoshoot is something I believe every pregnant woman deserves.

Even Beyoncé, who can pretty much treat herself to anything she wants, chose to immortalise her pregnant body with a spectacular underwater maternity shoot.

When you know you’re doing something truly special for you, your state of mind and emotions on the day will shine through and enable beautiful, breathtaking images

framed photo of a nude pregnant woman, displayed above a sideboard

I had such a unique and enjoyable experience with Liz Harlin! Her kind and considerate nature made me at ease in front of the camera. She treated me like a goddess in and out of the water, I can’t wait to hang my piece of art in my family home.

―Gemma Townsend

If you’re looking for unique pregnancy photos, let’s chat about creating an unforgettable experience for you at my Sunshine Coast underwater studio.

Phone: 0432 234 526


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