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Underwater portrait photography is an art form that goes far beyond “capturing moments”. It’s a deliberate creation, born from the collaboration between subject and photographer 🧜‍♀️📸

Within the walls of our homes, we seek to surround ourselves with our individual style. These underwater portraits, art pieces in their own right, offer a level of personalisation that’s truly one-of-a-kind. In a world where it seems everything can be duplicated, these artworks are uniquely you, celebrating you in a way that no other art form can 🫶

This ethereal maternity portrait now hangs in the dining room of my client’s family home. It’s a piece of art that will be enjoyed throughout each day, becoming a lifelong companion… and perhaps one day, many years from now, it will find its place in the home of the child who once grew in her mother’s belly during this photoshoot 🥰

These underwater portraits are not only art… they’re a part of your family’s legacy 💗

Find out more about the underwater maternity photoshoot experience

Downloads: full (1200x798) | large (980x652) | medium (300x200) | thumbnail (150x150)
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