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Intimate maternity photos that celebrate love and connection… the underwater maternity photoshoot is an unforgettable bonding experience to share with your partner.

Having your partner join in on your maternity photoshoot adds something truly special to the experience. You know how guys can sometimes be camera-shy and come up with all sorts of excuses? Well, the funny thing is, once they’re in the moment, they ALWAYS end up loving the experience just as much as you do. ❤️

The underwater maternity session is about celebrating the journey you’re BOTH on—creating art that showcases your love, support and excitement as you become parents.

Even when he’s not in the frame, his presence shines through—helping and supporting you behind the scenes so that you feel even more at ease. From offering encouraging words to skillfully wrangling fabrics, he’s right there, coaching and cheering you on to create these extraordinary underwater portraits.

It’s an immersive day to create shared core memories, to rediscover each other, and to mark this beautiful chapter in your story. So, when you look back at your finished portraits, you’ll see not just your journey to motherhood, but the adventure you both embarked on together.

Head to my blog for the story and video of this lovely couple who travelled from Sydney for their emotive underwater photoshoot at my pool studio in Noosa.

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